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Armada - NR STRIVE 13 GW Demo (Unisex)

Armada - NR STRIVE 13 GW Demo (Unisex)


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The STRIVE 13 GW is an ideal choice for freeride and freestyle skiers. With a 13 DIN rating, a low center of gravity and a neutral stance, the STRIVE 13 GW offers reliable performance in a lightweight setup. Automatic GRIPWALK adjustability makes the binding suitable for boots with both traditional alpine and GRIPWALK soles. Additionally, the extra-wide AFD firmly connects the binding to the ski, supported by a 3-piece heelpiece that flexes for improved response on the snow. Superior elastic travel ensures steady contact in uneven terrain.


DIN Range:

  • 4.5-13

Brake Width:

  • D90 | D100 | D115

Screw Length:

  • Senior Norm

Adjustment Range:

  • 120 mm


  • 2360g


  • Low Profile Chassis
  • Extra-Wide Toe Pedal (>60mm)
  • XL Wings
  • Sliding Toe Pedal
  • +++Elastic Travel


  • Alpine boots compliant with ISO 5355
  • Ski boots equipped with "Grip Walk" soles
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