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      About Coal Headwear

      Coal Headwear was founded in 2002 with a simple goal: create quality headwear for active lifestyles that fits well and lasts, due to this every Coal hat is built on the foundation of fit, fashion, and function.

      With the view that the outdoors is for everyone, they have commitments to sustainability, inclusivity and corporate responsibility which are fundamental to who they are.


      Why do Mons Royale use Merino Wool?

      Merino Wool is the world highest performing natural fibre, which is tried and tested in nature to withstand all extreme.

      It Won't Stink 

      Merino contains natural anti-bacterial properties that protect against odour.

      Manages Moisture

      Merino Wool is amazing at moving moisture away from your skin. It can also absorb up to 30% of it's own weight before feeling wet.

      It's Warm

      Even on the coldest days, merino helps to keep you warm when wet because of it's natural insulating properties.

      Temperature Regulating

      Thee fibres of the merino wool are much thinner than other ordinary wool fibres, this makes them incredibly breathable and fast drying. 

      Fire Resistant

      Naturally high in nitrogen and water, which requires higher levels of oxygen in  the surrounding environment in order to burn.

      Super Soft

      Because the merino wool fibres are superfine and itch free, it results in a luxuriously soft next to skin feel.


      Pants From Plants 🌱

      The majority of the fibers that Duer use come from natural sources, such as eucalyptus trees, wood chips and plants.They are driven by the desire to remove plastic wherever possible and are committed to natural and renewable materials. 

      However when they have to integrate synthetic fibers for durability, they use small amounts of up-cycled polyester sourced from used plastic bottles.  With the hope that as fabric technology advances, they can focus on the total elimination of plastic in all of their garments, creating clean natural clothing for everyone!

      The Soak Capsule by Amundsen Sports

      After the dark and cold of winter, covered in dull skin and hair, we all know the sensation of rebirth that comes with summertime. We plunge into the ocean and spend hours on the pier, soaking in the sun. Snow is replaced by salty water and life is simplified.

      We celebrate this season with the brand new Soak Capsule, centered around swim trunks and flanked by coastal shirts, slobrocs, beach towels and tote bags – let the summer soak in and be born again.


      Early morning gown printed in characteristic colours and stripes of Carioca style of Rio 1960s.

      This early morning gown is perfect to slip into after a refreshing morning dip or for the slower days spent relaxing on the pier. Made from 100% Woven Cotton Face and lined with the extra absorbent terry cotton, this gown has a soft hand feel. 


      - 100% Woven Cotton Face

      Beach Shirt

      Printed in characteristic colours and stripes of Carioca style of Rio 1960s.

      With the ease of life in summer, slip into this loose cotton shirt before lunch or that quick boat ride. Featuring long sleeves that can be rolled up on the women's and a cutaway collar on both, this is truly the ultimate summer shirt.


      - 100% Woven Cotton


      Women's 3 Incher Plunge Swim Trunks

      Perfect for those days on the pier with frequent cooling dips in the ocean!

      These swim trunks dry quickly, making them perfect for those frequent dips to cool down. They're perfect for slipping over your bikini for water sports and they also feature the classic Amundsen stripes on both sides.


      - 100% Nylon

      Men's 5 Incher Off-Dock Swim Trunks

      For the dockside life with routine and refreshing dips in the sea.

      With frequent dips in the ocean to cool off from the suns beam. These trunks dry quickly just in time for your next dive off the pier. Printed in characteristic colors and stripes of Carioca style of Rio 1960s.



      Men's 6 Incher Plunge Swim Trunks

      For days on the pier with frequent cooling dips in the ocean

      These swim trunks dry quickly, making them perfect for those frequent dips to cool down. Made for ease with the fly in Velcro for easy entry/exist and a lace closure in the waist, why would you wear anything else?


      - 100% Nylon



      The Beach Bag

      Matching your beach shirt printed in characteristic colours and stripes of Carioca style of Rio 1960s

      Made to hold all your essentials for a day at the beach or out on an island. This beach bag has an extra feature holding your towel on the outside of the bag if it's still wet. 

      Coal Headwear - Size, Style & Descriptions

      Coal Headwear is crafted for adventure seekers and dedicated to making headwear more than an accessory.

      Size Guide & Measuring

      Size Inches Hat Size Metric
      Small 21 1/2"– 21 7/8" 6 7/8 – 7 55cm – 56cm
      Medium 22 1/4"– 22 7/8" 7 1/8 – 7 1/4 57cm – 58.5cm
      Large 23"– 23 5/8" 7 3/8 – 7 1/2 59cm – 60.5cm
      Using a flexible tape measure, star at your forehead above your eyebrows, bring the tape measure around the back until it comes together at your forehead again. If you don't have a flexible tape measure, a string and ruler can be used instead. 


      Coal caps and hats are made from premium materials, and crafted with unique attention to form, fit, and function. People say Coal hats fit better than any other hat they've owned. From truckers to dad hats, and available in a wide variety of colors and styles.


      Cap Fits

       Fit  Description 
      Ultra Low  Coal's shallowest cap fit. Perfect for people who wear small to medium size hats. Designed to sit above the ears and fit shallower than Low Profile caps. Set at 58cm out of the box it can be adjusted smaller or larger. 
      Low Profile  A perfect shallow cap profile, this fit is great for people who wear small to medium size hats. It's also a prime choice for those who prefer a cap to sit above the ears. The adjustable styles start at 58cm, and can be sized smaller and larger. 
      Mid Crown  Coal's mid crown is all about being right in the middle, not too deep, not too shallow. This fit allows for a little more space between your head and the top of the hat if you want to sit it up off your head, or sits nicely at the ear if you pull it down snug. The starting size is 58.5cm, and can be sized smaller and larger. 
      Roomy Their most accommodating silhouette, this fit is ideal for those with large and extra-large hat sizes. It is also an excellent choice for people who enjoy a bigger looking crown shape. The starting size is 59.5cm, and can be sized smaller and larger. 

      Cap Styles 

      Style  Definition
      Trucker The hallmark of a trucker cap is the mesh sides and back panels. Truckers come in all shapes and profiles, but the thing that they all have in common is the wonderfully breathable mesh. 
      5 Panel As the name suggest these caps are constructed out of 5 pieces of fabric. Formed from two curved side pieces, two upper panels and one arched front, the signature of a 5 panel cap are to have a low profile when worn and a rounded crown that hugs the shape of the head. 
      7 Panel Coal's 7 panel is built off a low profile pattern, but unlike its 6 paneled - dad hat cousins - it has a 7th panel across the lower front. The front panel is a perfect surface for the signatures Coal patches.

      Made of 5 or 6-pizza slice shaped wedges of fabric, these caps features a rounded silhouette, and are unstructured for easy, comfortable wearing. 


      The vintage fit has a slightly square shape. These styles are offered as unstructured caps or with mesh inserts at the front. Maybe as a kid you thought the mesh was a make shift sunglasses, or a clever way to keep bugs out if your eyes. Coal employ the mesh as an old-school front panel backing, giving soft shape, without the rigid feel of other backing materials. 


      Coal's athletic has a tall front crown, with a slightly rounded yet squared off front profile. The front panel is backed in sturdy material, which gives the cap its crisp shape. 



      Coal beanies are made with premium knits and materials, and with unique attention to fit and function. From cuffed and slouch, to pom and brimmed - Coal beanies are the perfect accessory to round out any outfit.


      Beanie Fits

      Fit   Description
      Low Profile The shortest fitting beanie profile, this fit is great for people who wear small to medium sizes. Ideal for those who prefer a beanie that is the perfect length to just cover the ears, closely hugging the top of the head. 
      Mid Length The mid length fit is the happy medium between low profile and the tall Uniform beanies. These beanies have a little extra room at the top for extra style points and coziness. 
      Tall  The tallest of 'em all, these beanies have the most extra length past the cranium when worn. Squish it down or wear it high and proud. 
      Slouchy  Easy fitting and slightly roomy, the slouchy beanies have a relaxed fit and a gentle drape at the top. 

      Full Brims Hats

      The full brim styles have full 360° coverage.  Fedoras, Boonie and bucket hats are a just a few examples of styles that incorporate the full brim feature, creating shade or dramatic styling.


      Full Brim Style Definitions

      Boonie - Coal's Boonie hats may take their style cues from the military, but they come in a myriad of technical materials and sport tons of venting to keep you cool in the summer heat. Like their military ancestors Coal's hats have adjustable chin straps to securely anchor the hat when worn.