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      Brand: Yuki Threads

      Yuki Threads UK

      Founded In Australia in 2010 Yuki Threads have remained true to their core values throughout everything thats been thrown at them. Having a passion about enjoying life whilst remaining committed to making the highest quality apparel, accessories and outerwear for their customers who inspired them daily and remain the reason for their existence. Above all Yuki Threads offer a better alternative for the sustainable and eco conscious consumer, who still want their responsibly sourced products to look rad!


      Producing some of the finest ski/snowboard outerwear and apparel on offer the Yuki Threads range features a lot of recycled materials and at every corner Yuki look to source the most responsible fabrics available. Their outerwear range uses 100% recycled fabrics, which is not something many brands in the ski and snowboard industry can say. In the UK for the first time we at Futureproof are super excited to be able to offer this brand to you and offer you a more responsible and transparent option for your ski/snowboard jackets, salopettes and riding hoodies.