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Armada - N STRIVE 12 GW (Unisex) - Dusty Blue

Armada - N STRIVE 12 GW (Unisex) - Dusty Blue


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The STRIVE 12 GW is a sleek, modern binding designed for freeride and freestyle skiing. With an impressive DIN rating of 12, a low center of gravity, and a neutral stance, the STRIVE 12 GW offers versatile performance and high value. Easy Automatic GRIPWALK adjustability is designed for boots with both traditional alpine and GRIPWALK soles. The extra wide AFD ensures a stronger connection to the ski, while the 3-piece heelpiece flexes naturally for increased snow feel. Superior elastic travel gives you reliable connection in rugged terrain.


DIN Range:

  • 4-12

Brake Width:

  • L90 | L100 | L115 (Black Only)

Screw Length:

  • Senior Norm

Adjustment Range:

  • 30 mm


  • 1960g


  • Low Profile Chassis
  • Extra-Wide Toe Pedal (>60mm)
  • XL Wings
  • Sliding Toe Pedal
  • +++Elastic Travel


  • Alpine boots compliant with ISO 5355
  • Ski boots equipped with "Grip Walk" soles
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