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Collection: Douchebags JO Camo 3.0 - Ltd Edition

Camo 3.0

It’s a grey area

Life’s not black and white, so maybe your favorite bag shouldn’t be, either? Introducing Camo 3.0, Db’s third foray into the world of camouflage. Get ‘em while you can, the first two collections sold out in minutes!


The Camo History

Jon Olsson, Db’s cofounder and perennial limit pusher, has spent more than a decade standing out in camouflage. In this interview, he shares his love affair with his revamped version of the Swedish military-inspired pattern, and his meticulous eye when it comes to the prints.

WHITE EDITION - Db Camo 1.0 Our first Db camo collection was inspired by Jon’s iconic pattern and, after selling out in just minutes, quickly became a collectors item. Now, this pattern can be seen on cars, clothes, houses, fighter jets and everything in between.


Following the huge success of white camo, we ramped things up and brought the black camo to the world. Not only did they also sell out quickly, but the traffic surge crashed the website.

Douchebags JO Camo 3.0 - Ltd Edition

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