Yuki Threads & Sustainability ♻

Yuki Threads & Sustainability ♻

Yuki Threads Values

1% For the Planet :

  • They believe that the time has passed for business as usual. It is very clear to them that they cannot continue to operate as a business the way businesses in the past have run. Our planet's resources are finite. They are running out. As a species we are taking far more than we are giving back.  
  • So, they're doing something about it. Bucking the trend and the status quo and imposing an environmental tax on themselves to make sure they are supporting environmental activists, organisations and heroes (in their eyes) who are out there making sure they're doing their best to replenish what they are taking. This is a self imposed tax on revenue (not profits, every dollar) that gets donated to audited environmental NGO's around the globe.


  • 6 years ago they started asking questions. Where did the fabric come from that they were using? How were the people treated who made them? How do we get good quality, certified organic cotton that has been grown in a holistic way?
  • After a rabbit hole of investigation, they chose to partner with Fairtrade to facilitate their needs for quality ethical cotton and to help fight their cause of helping producers in growing countries achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships. the result of this helps some of those most marginalised communities on the planet take control of their lives and flourish together. 
  • This is done through set minimum prices for the cotton that the farmers grow, so they never pay less than the fair price agree upon regardless of the circumstances. There is also a 2% premium paid on all Fairtrade products that goes back to the farming communities for them to spend as they choose, a new well, infrastructure, whatever they need to improve their community. Yuki love this!

Eden Reforestation:

  • There are many tree planting projects out there, but the difference for Yuki, and the reason they chose to partner with Eden Reforestation Projects, is their holistic approach. Eden Reforestation Projects' unique "Employ-to-Plant" methodology: provide sustainable employment to local people to restore and protect their natural environment, is something that spoke to Yuki's brand values in regards to having a broader vision of creating a solution to an environmental issue with an empowering social approach. 
  • To Yuki, environmental and social challenges go hand in hand, they feel they need to address both simultaneously to effectively overcome.



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