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      The Journal



      Coming soon for Winter 2018 - Armada Skis

      By this point in time, it's highly unlikely that the news of MADSTEEZ's return to the Armada Family for Winter 2017/18 has passed anyone by.... and there's one reason for it: The unanimous conclusion that the ARV graphics for next winter are freakin' rad. Yes, this winter’s best selling jib sticks are undergoing a full face-lift for 2017… and we’re drooling.

      Armada Skis have been pretty prevalent in the Freeski News recently with some big changes at the top. In light of that, what better way to remind and reassure Armada's core fanbase that at no point have they forgotten what they stand for or where they’ve come from, than to reinvent a classic design from back in the day. And it seems Armada’s industry leading ‘anti-establishment’ attitude has been perfectly illustrated here through the medium of sexy purple ladies.
      For those of you who are new to MADSTEEZ, or even Armada: MADSTEEZ is a Cali based graffiti artist with an insane portfolio of collaborations. Having commissioned work for the likes of Nike, Stussy, BMW and Capita Snowboards (and even decorating the Armada Skis L.A. office with an enormous mural of a back flipping Easy-E,) there's no room for doubt that this long-haired lunatic from "Weensville" is top of every brand's list for a collab.  

      And so, in 2006 Armada did just that. This is the year that brought us the original ARMADA SKIS x MADSTEEZ collaboration - (there’s a throwback for you):

      Naturally, this was not a partnership to be forgotten. Fast forward to winter 2017/18 and we see MADSTEEZ’s signature style recaptured exclusively for Armada’s flagship collection: The ARV series.

      Already, the range's fresh paint job has had a huge amount of publicity and positive feedback. Last year saw the reinvention of Armada’s jib fleet and the first season launch of the ARV series – the ‘funnest’ family in skiing for the new generation of all-mountain freestyle riders. MADSTEEZ’s artwork can be seen across the entire range, including the ARV 84, 86, 96 and 106.

      ARV 84 (Youth) - £259.99 

      ARV 86 (167, 170, 177, 184) - £329.99

      ARV 96 (163, 170, 177, 184) - £419.99

      ARV 106 (172, 180, 188) - £499.99

      However, this visuals are not the only development to chat about… New to 2018 is a fresh backcountry freestyle weapon to add to your quiver: the 3rd generation JJ. Yep, this iconic ski has undergone a transformation. Described as "a game-changing advancement in backcountry powder riding"… yeah, it’s sick.

      ARV 116 JJ (165, 175, 185, 192) - £549.99

      Introducing the ARV JJ – It’s usual self, just a bit different. Re-engineered with ‘smear-tech’, the bevelled 3D base technology combined with an AR75 sidewall construction and carbon-kevlar struts, equals no-catch, deep snow turn hold and high-pressure durability. A slight decrease in acuteness of the classic JJ elf-shoe shape in the tip and tail make the new design perfect for aggressive runs at higher speeds whilst keeping it's playful personality.

      And what’s a ski without it’s matching accessories... The graphics have been continued across a small selection of the brand's best-selling accessories and softgoods including: 

      Carmel Windstopper™ Mitt - £59.99


      Contra Crew LS - £64.99


      Guardsman Suspender - £44.99

      Scooby Multi-tube - £22.99

      So there you go, a little insight into Armada Winter 2017/18… Available for pre-order August.

      Check back here throughout the summer for more hardgood and softgood sneak peaks.


      "The Best Bike Bags Around" - The Tour and The Trail, Douchebags

      "The Best Bike Bags Around" - The Tour and The Trail, Douchebags


      For those cyclists who love to travel to sunnier, hillier destinations but hate the anxiety of leaving their beloved with (sometimes questionable) baggage handlers - this cycle bag is the ultimate solution. The Douchebags x Team Sky's "The Tour" is the best bike transport system available for the frequent traveller - fully compressible,  with lightweight design the tour provides the reassurance of a hardcase in softcase form with absolutely no compromise on protection. 

      Douchebags x Team Sky - The Tour

      When your goal is to develop the greatest product on the market, there’s only really one game plan option: You work with the best.

      “Unparalleled in functionality and protection”; to serve at team of 30 plus elite athletes with equipment tuned to the millimetre, who country hop from week to week with bikes more expensive that the average persons car – I think we’ll all agree, that’s quite the challenge. Indeed, it was this brief set by Team Sky, following a number of years testing and developing their own similar (but not perfect) products with some of the world’s leading luggage companies, that got the wheels rolling on this project.

      Douchebags Bike Bag - The Trail

      “We’ll have to admit, *it was* nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge”. - Douchebags

      Meanwhile, the Douchebags story was swiftly unfolding: born from a pro athlete’s desperate dream for an intelligent luggage system, the Scandinavian start-up company were beginning to conquer the wintersports market. With their name titled “The Douchebag” and accompanying luggage series, featuring a number of “signature” features (ABS ribcage protection, lightweight design and hook-up systems – not to mention a bunch of other super smart design attributes), Douchebags were swiftly becoming the number one choice when you’re off on your travels.

      Design story sketch - Douchebags Bike Bag

      "This was the only precondition we had set to ourselves before we embarked on our latest and greatest challenge to date – to design the most badass bike bag the world has ever seen. And so we began." - Douchebags

      It’s due to their innovative designs that Douchebags captured the attention of Allan Williams (Head Mechanic, Team Sky) and Carsten Jeppesen (Head of Technical Operations, Team Sky), and thus, the Douchebags x Team Sky love affair began as DB accepted the challenge.

      Douchebags - Team Sky Series Lined-up

      "If our product is not the best solution out there, we will not launch it..." - Douchebags

      After 2 or 3 years of development, engineering and hardwork, with input from multiple elite cycling icons like The Athertons, The Trail and The Tour were born, and they truly have redefined bike transportation.

      Incorporating, for the first time, Douchebags’ signature features including the protective ribcage, hook-up system and ability to compress the bag right down for storage, these bags are a game changer for any travelling cyclist.

      Read the official Press Release here


      The Tour

      The Tour

      The Trail

      The Trail

      Top picks from our NEFF 40% off sale!

      Top picks from our NEFF 40% off sale!

      It’s official, the days are getting longer and the weather warmer… that can only mean one thing: Spring has sprung! And with the prospect of sunny surf days, festivals and beach BBQs occupying our minds, we thought we’d put together a list of our favourite choices from the NEFF 40% off sale to help you bag a bargain! From need-it-now accessories to staple softgoods, this pick of summer essentials will help you ramp up your wardrobe without damaging your wallet. I know; don’t mention it 😉

      Elevated Basics

      “Slim, sleek and soft” – NEFF’s limited edition Elevated Basics range boast’s the US brand’s best fitting t-shirts they’ve ever made. The name pretty much says it all – in this capsule we move away from NEFF’s signature psychedelic graphics and slip into something a little more of an urban casual vibe. They’re long fit, slim-body tees made from high quality fabrics: perfect for beer garden sessions with your crew.

      NEFF Willard Stripe Tee NEFF Miller Raglan NEFF Bosley Pocket Tee NEFF Bronson Tee


      Born out of a passion for snow and skate, NEFF’s lifestyle ranges still carry that legacy into their new collections. They’ve covered all bases with their classic icon pieces like the Deluxe Tee and the New Word Crews, the signature graphic styles like the Quad Lone Wolf Tee and Diet When I’m Dead Tee through to the urban Burger Boys Flannel  and Big Sur Flannel shirts. No matter what you’re into, you’ll be able to bag yourself a bargain.

      NEFF New World Hoodie NEFF New World Tee - Olive NEFF Battered Coaches Jacket


      As one of the world’s most recognised accessory brands, there’s no surprise that their game in this department is fully on point: Beanies, caps, watches, mitts – you name it, we are packin’.  And with a 40% slash in prices, we’re offering some serious steals. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites but it’s well worth delving into the depths for a better look…

      NEFF Daily Wild Watch  - Spaceman NEFF Station Cap - Port NEFF Daily Woven Watch - Vapay NEFF Muffin Beanie - Marsala

      So there you have it! A little sneak peek into the NEFF 40% sale - go on, grab yourself a bargain!!