"The Best Bike Bags Around" - The Tour and The Trail, Douchebags

"The Best Bike Bags Around" - The Tour and The Trail, Douchebags


For those cyclists who love to travel to sunnier, hillier destinations but hate the anxiety of leaving their beloved with (sometimes questionable) baggage handlers - this cycle bag is the ultimate solution. The Douchebags x Team Sky's "The Tour" is the best bike transport system available for the frequent traveller - fully compressible,  with lightweight design the tour provides the reassurance of a hardcase in softcase form with absolutely no compromise on protection. 

Douchebags x Team Sky - The Tour

When your goal is to develop the greatest product on the market, there’s only really one game plan option: You work with the best.

“Unparalleled in functionality and protection”; to serve at team of 30 plus elite athletes with equipment tuned to the millimetre, who country hop from week to week with bikes more expensive that the average persons car – I think we’ll all agree, that’s quite the challenge. Indeed, it was this brief set by Team Sky, following a number of years testing and developing their own similar (but not perfect) products with some of the world’s leading luggage companies, that got the wheels rolling on this project.

Douchebags Bike Bag - The Trail

“We’ll have to admit, *it was* nothing less than the ultimate bag challenge”. - Douchebags

Meanwhile, the Douchebags story was swiftly unfolding: born from a pro athlete’s desperate dream for an intelligent luggage system, the Scandinavian start-up company were beginning to conquer the wintersports market. With their name titled “The Douchebag” and accompanying luggage series, featuring a number of “signature” features (ABS ribcage protection, lightweight design and hook-up systems – not to mention a bunch of other super smart design attributes), Douchebags were swiftly becoming the number one choice when you’re off on your travels.

Design story sketch - Douchebags Bike Bag

"This was the only precondition we had set to ourselves before we embarked on our latest and greatest challenge to date – to design the most badass bike bag the world has ever seen. And so we began." - Douchebags

It’s due to their innovative designs that Douchebags captured the attention of Allan Williams (Head Mechanic, Team Sky) and Carsten Jeppesen (Head of Technical Operations, Team Sky), and thus, the Douchebags x Team Sky love affair began as DB accepted the challenge.

Douchebags - Team Sky Series Lined-up

"If our product is not the best solution out there, we will not launch it..." - Douchebags

After 2 or 3 years of development, engineering and hardwork, with input from multiple elite cycling icons like The Athertons, The Trail and The Tour were born, and they truly have redefined bike transportation.

Incorporating, for the first time, Douchebags’ signature features including the protective ribcage, hook-up system and ability to compress the bag right down for storage, these bags are a game changer for any travelling cyclist.

Read the official Press Release here


The Tour

The Tour

The Trail

The Trail

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