Introducing the new men's colour stories from Mons Royale 🎨

Introducing the new men's colour stories from Mons Royale 🎨

Look stylish this winter with a variety of shades and prints from Mons Royale - perfect for adding color and vibrancy to even the chilliest of days.


This fabric collection is inspired by the cool native waters of the Tasman River. Its design features a rich lichen and live greens hue, balanced by a dark olive foundation and depth created with dyes and prints. The collection is finished with a silty blue accent, creating a refreshing look.


Introducing the Checkers Men's Colour Story. This old-mountain style melds modernity with a future twist. A bold and graphic monochromatic look is achieved with a warped checkered print, creating a unique Mons twist on the woven checkered shirt style. Make a statement in this stylish and progressive ensemble.


The Mon's Happiness Seekers Collection features a vibrant evergreen colour story with bright green accents and grounding shades of sycamore and black. The palette reflects an energy and positive sustainability, helping you stand out with an eye-catching style.

Retro Valley

The Men's Retro Valley collection is inspired by the vibrant earthy shades of copper and muted blues found in Hooker Valley's rock fragments. Experience a bright, easy wearing retro look with this unique colour story.



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