How to care for your Sweet Snow Helmet 🧽

How to care for your Sweet Snow Helmet 🧽

When it comes to protecting your head, proper care of your helmet is crucial. Follow these guidelines to ensure your helmet remains in top condition:

How should you clean your helmet?

For cleaning, use clean water (max temperature 30°C) and mild detergent only. Leave to dry naturally and not in contact with direct heat or on a hot surface.

What should you avoid?

Avoid any applications of paint, adhesive stickers/transfers, cleaning fluids, chemicals, and other solvents that may drastically reduce the protection provided by this helmet.

What temperatures should you be aware of?

The helmet will be damaged if exposed to temperatures exceeding 62°C (approx. 150°F). Do not leave the helmet in a car (or similar) in hot weather, as it may easily exceed this temperature. If exposed to such temperatures, the helmet must be immediately discarded and replaced.

How should you store or transport your helmet?

When stowing or transporting the helmet, use the original protective packaging the helmet came in. This will help maintain the integrity of the helmet and ensure it is protected during transport.


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