Discover the new women's colour stories from Mons Royale ✨

Discover the new women's colour stories from Mons Royale ✨

Mons Royale's women's range introduces a vibrant selection of bright colours and earthy tones to your wardrobe. It includes refreshing shades of pink, green, walnut and purple, perfect for adding some colour to your look. Show off your style with the range of innovative designs from Mons Royale.


Experience the cool native waters of the Tasman River with this Tasman River-inspired collection. Each of these pieces features a beautiful combination of rich lichen and olive greens, dark olives, and silty blue accents for added depth and a refreshing feel. Perfect for any wardrobe.

Blazing Trails

The Blazing Trails colour story for women offer a unique and empowering look for your wardrobe. Featuring a wild orchid-based print for a bold impression and softer walnut and black accents for balance. Perfect for trailblazing your own style and making a bold statement.


The Checkers colour story is a fresh take on a timeless mountain style. It features a monochromatic pattern with a bold, modern checkers print in a unique Mons twist. Make a statement with this top-notch design that is sure to turn heads.

Thistle Fog

Introducing the Thistle Fog colour story, for those who want to add a touch of femininity without the pink. These soft muted shades of purple range from light to dark, and are softened with walnut and edged with black for an elegant look. Perfect for adding a subtle and sophisticated touch to any outfit


Welcome the Evergreen colour story from Mon's Happiness Seekers. Featuring a dominant evergreen tone, this story is given energy through bright green accents and grounded with sycamore and black. Let its positive vibes take your winter to the next level.

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