CAPiTA's Sustainability 🌳

CAPiTA's Sustainability 🌳

Hand-Crafted with 100% Clean Energy

"The CAPiTA Mothership is a clean energy production wonder; generating the power necessary for the production processes ad building operation in-house via a hydro-activated NH3 Thermal Energy System, in concert with our newly installed solar panel array. We continually invest in our energy systems because we understand that we have a duty to refine and improve our manufacturing processes in order to help preserve the winters we love so much. 

We are unabashedly proud that our own self-generated clean energy is utilized to power all functions of The Mothership, from the board presses to the light switch knobs."

They produce their own clean energy:

  1. Zero CO2 Emissions
  2. Zero Ozone Depletion
  3. Zero Global Warming Potential

Sustainability facts:

  • CAPiTA boards are crafted with 98% of materials locally sourced within a 5-hour drive of The Mothership, which is nestled in the Carinthian Alps
  • As a continual investment into clean energy, they've installed 330 new solar panels in 2021
  • They use UV curable and water-based, solvent-less inks in their printing.
  • PLT = Zero Toxic Lacquer + Plant based Bio Resin Construction
  • Wood waste is compacted and given to their local neighbours for winter heating.
  • $7 million grinding + finishing line, utilizing specially formulated, plant-based, non-fluoro race wax.

"We use 100% recyclable shrink wrap"

"Working alongside our supplier we've developed a new thinner material that reduces our packaging by 40%. Our supplier is also a climate neutral company partnered with the Myclimate Foundation."

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