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      Formerly known as Colour Wear, WearColour is a Swedish lifestyle and outerwear brand that merges the parameters of the outdoors and urban fashion. Creating functional 

      2018 saw the start of a new chapter for the formerly known "Colour Wear" team. With a new winter season came a new brand image and a new name: WearColour.

       The decision for a shake up was "the result of a never ending work in progress; [our] obsession for developing new products driven by the demands of the market." 

      And with new direction WearColour saw new inspiration and priorities in the ranges. Taking a more environmentally aware approach to their production, WearColour say: "Nature is not only a place for tranquility and contemplation but also a place to recharge and feed energy. The shades and colours of the nature around us are not only motivating, energetic and the backdrop of our playground but also a great source of inspiration.

      The WearColour collection is a fusion of our surrounding nature's flavours, technical innovations and Swedish fashion".

      Long may it continue...