The Skauen Collection by Amundsen Sports

Men's Field Shirt

These shirts feature a full zip which makes it easy for a more active lifestyle, whether you're hiking or hitting the town this all season over shirt has you covered. Designed to be worn over a sweater, it is a perfect for layering and is essential for any wardrobe.


100% Cotton flannel from Tessitrama, Italy


The Skauen Anorak is a 3L shell top that is durable and made from organic cotton blended with lycra. Due to the nature of this fabric blend, this Anorak is flexible and breathable. This wearable multi-tool is outstanding   in higher intensity activities in the high mountains. This shell was designed to be long lasting and versatile, so make sure you wear this on your next adventure.

 67% Organic Cotton
26% Nylon
 7% Lycra
 Reinforcement in waxed cotton ripstop from British Millerain



The facing and backing of this collection are both made from long staple and extra thin organic cotton fibres, which is made using a very tight and traditional weaving technique. This means that when dry, the fibres open their pores to breathe, which makes this collection extremely breathable. However, when wet the over tightened cotton fibres swell, which makes it water repellent as the weave seals. In the middle of this weave there are electrospun micro-porous membranes which ensure the highest level of breathability. Due to the unique nature of this fabric, it makes it ideal for high level activity level in the high mountains. Amundsen like to us cotton as its soft and silent, which also acquires patina (full of stories and memories) the more it is worn. This collection is therefore a game changer in the world of 3-layer garments.