Deeluxe Technology - Lining


  • Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.

Deep Days Membrane

  • In the backcountry, a boot’s ability to keep your feet warm and dry is just as important as its performance. Guided by this belief, we created our Deep Days membrane. Waterproof and breathable, it features a full membrane that extends throughout the entirety of the boot. And for exceptional comfort and additional protection from the elements, its sock-like design wraps around the liner and foot and closes at the shin to function as a gaiter. Dream bigger and push further with DEELUXE’s Deep Days membrane.

Thermo Block

  • Like a space blanket for your feet, this reflective insert maximizes warmth.

Stage 1

  • The next generation of riders deserve the best—and DEELUXE is here to help. Designed specifically for children’s feet, their Stage 1 liner offers exceptional comfort and performance straight out of the box. It also keeps feet incredibly warm. And with a design that’s as simple as it is elegant, this liner makes it especially easy for kids to put on and take off their boots. Thanks to DEELUXE’s Stage 1 liner, groms can keep smiling and progressing from first chair to last.

Stage 2

  • Consider it love at first sight—or first fit. With an emphasis on comfort, DEELUXE’s Stage 2 liner offers an unsurpassed out-of-the box fit. Inspired by DEELUXE’s iconic Comfort Flex liner, it sports a fresh highback shape to enhance heelhold and performance. And for a custom fit, the liner can also be thermomolded. Whether it’s your first day of the season or your hundredth, the Stage 2 liner shares your passion and fuels your progression.

Stage 3

  • When it’s time to elevate your game, lace up with DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner. To maximize comfort and performance, it sports a design inspired by DEELUXE’s legendary Thermo Flex liner, which previously served as the gold standard in snowboarding for thermomoldable boots. Raising the bar even higher, the Stage 3 liner offers an excellent fit straight out of the box and can easily be thermomolded at your local DEELUXE dealer for a truly custom fit. For enhanced comfort, the liner also features a roomier toe box with a four-way-stretch material that can be thermomolded with or without toe caps. And to further boost performance, the liner’s external heel harness cradles your foot to provide exceptional heelhold and quick and secure lacing. Drop in and never look back with DEELUXE’s Stage 3 liner.

Stage 4

  • Hold nothing back with DEELUXE’s Stage 4 liner. Featured in some of the finest boots in their collection, this premium liner delivers an unprecedented out-of-the-box fit. With a precisely tailored anatomical design and a refined heel pocket, the liner hugs the contours of your foot while maximizing performance. An external heel harness further cradles your foot while providing exceptional heelhold, as well as quick and secure lacing. For additional comfort, the Stage 4 liner sports a roomier toe box with a four-way stretch material. The freshly-designed back panel further enhances the liner’s fit while optimizing support. And for an unsurpassed custom fit, the liner can be thermofitted—with or without toe caps. Unleash your potential with DEELUXE’s Stage 4 liner.