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Terms and Conditions:

    • By applying, the applicants information will NOT be automatically added to any marketing database. However, the applicant may choose to opt-in to our marketing scheme at a later date.

    • Applicant must be a current member of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors.

    • All information provided by the applicant must be true at the time of application.

    • All applications will be verified against the BASI database using the applicants BASI number and Level.

    • Once a customer's account has been verified they will receive an email with details of how to use the discount.

    • We request that BASI discount holders do not share information on how to use discounts with any non-verified customers.

    • BASI discount holders found sharing discount information with non-verified customers or reselling discounted purchases will have their discount privilege revoked immediately.

* Discount values vary based on brand and BASI member level .

* All Armada, Hydroflask and Sorel products are excluded* .


10% off anything in store, including sale


Up to 15% off certain brands in store and 10% off sale


Up to 25% off certain brands in store and 10% off sale


Up to 35% off certain brands in store and 10% off sale