The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Sweet Goggles 🧼

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Sweet Goggles 🧼

Are you tired of constantly wiping down your goggles only to find them still foggy and dirty? Fear not, because Sweet Protection has got you covered with their innovative lens technology! Let's dive into how you can keep your goggles in top-notch condition for all your outdoor adventures.

What's the Deal with the Outer Lens?

Picture this: you're shredding down the slopes, and suddenly your vision gets blurry. Not cool, right? That's where the outer lens comes in clutch. With a super oleophobic and hydrophobic coating, this bad boy ensures clear visibility and easy cleaning. Plus, you get a fancy microfibre cloth bag for all your cleaning and storage needs. It's like a spa day for your goggles!

How to Care for Your Anti-Fog Inner Lenses

Now, you might be wondering, how do I take care of these precious anti-fog inner lenses? It's simple - just remember not to touch or rub the inner lens, as this can damage the anti-fog treatment. To clean the lenses, gently use a clean microfiber cloth or the goggle bag to absorb any excess moisture. Avoid using any harsh cleaning agents or the Sweet Protection lens cleaning kit on the inner lens.

What to do if Snow or Water Gets Inside

First things first, give your goggles a good shake to get rid of any excess snow inside. Make sure to clear out all those little ventilation ports and lens vents to ensure proper airflow.

Next, grab the handy goggle bag that came with your goggles and gently blot away any remaining moisture. 

Letting it Dry Out

Now, it's time to let your goggles air out and dry. Give it some time for the moisture to dissipate before you pop them back on your face. And when you do, make sure to keep moving as much as possible. The airflow through the vents will help speed up the drying process. 

Why You Shouldn't Rest Your Goggles on Your Forehead

So, you've just finished shredding the gnar, and now you're chilling at the lodge with your goggles perched on your forehead. Bad move! Resting your goggles on your forehead, hat, or helmet can mess with the ventilation ports and expose the interior to all sorts of moisture vapour from melting snow, perspiration, and body oils. To avoid fogging up your goggles, always keep them snug on your face.

Can I Use Paper Towels to Clean Them?

Using paper products or ski gloves to clean your goggles can scratch the lens and ruin your view. Stick to a microfiber cloth or lens cleaner for a streak-free shine.

How Long Should I Let Them Dry?

Patience is a virtue, my friend. After cleaning your goggles, let them air dry completely before storing them away for an extended period. This will prevent any funky odors or mold from creeping in.

Can I Leave Them in the Car?

Leaving your goggles in areas of concentrated heat and sunlight, like on a car dashboard or hanging from a rearview mirror, can damage the lens and distort the frame. Keep them cool and shady for optimal performance.

What About Storing Them?

Protect your precious goggles by storing them in their protective bag when not in use. This will prevent scratches on the lens and keep the face foam in top-notch condition.

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