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Crab Grab - Shark Teeth - Smoke

Crab Grab - Shark Teeth - Smoke

Crab Grab

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The Crab Grab Shark Teeth pads provide superior traction and keeps your foot securely in place. Its easy to customize design allows you to cut and adjust as needed, or simply use the pad in its full form. Enjoy the confidence of Scott Steven's legendary pro model pad.


  • Shark Tooth Spikes™ - Ovular spikes modeled after nature’s best bite.
  • Crubber™ - Crab Grab's flexible rubbery replacement to the stomp pads of yesteryear.
  • Groove Gills™ - Flex with your board to let it bend naturally, and easy to cut & customize.


  • 99% TPU
  • 1% Water based Adhesive
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