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Crab Grab - Board Thorns - Clear

Crab Grab - Board Thorns - Clear

Crab Grab

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The Crab Grab Board Thorns are the perfect remedy for maintaining control on your board. Each lightweight and modular pad fits securely underneath the heel and toes, providing superior grip and stability. With a low-profile design, you can shred with confidence and precision.


  • Thorn Shaped Spikes™ - Curved, thorn-shaped spikes hook into your boot treads for incredible grip.
  • Low Profile - Thin is in.
  • Crubber™ Crab Grab's lightweight secret blend of materials flex naturally with your board.
  • Screw Glue™ Glued on. Like it was screwed on.


  • 99% TPU
  • 1% Water based Adhesive
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