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      Brand: Planks

      Brand: Planks

      Born out of three decades in the snow, rider owned clothing company Planks produce unrivalled quality and performance gear to ensure you have the most fun possible. The brainchild of Jim Adlington, Planks launched in 2007. Having made the transition from professional skiing, Jim noticed the shift in popularity from snowboarding towards freeskiing and the need for a brand to reflect this change was there.

      Taking inspiration from British design, mountain lifestyle, and street culture, mixed with the freedom and creativity of skiing, Planks understand the demands of subzero temperatures, rough terrain, and still wanting to look good at après. Recognisable with their Drop Cliffs Not Bombs! slogan. Whether you’re hitting the backcountry kickers, ripping big mountain lines, shredding endless park laps, or cruising the mountain with friends, Planks have you covered, on and off your planks.

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