The Accessories Collection by Amundsen Sports

The Classic Hat 

The body will always sacrifice feet and hands to keep the temperature in the head and brain. The head is therefore the most important part of the body to keep warm. A hat can also be used to regulate body temperature while on the go.

Linen Cap

The Amundsen Linen Cap is made out of 100% linen. Adjustable Norway strap in the back. Perfect for all types of adventures.


Classic hats are made in 100 % Merino Wool and therefore holds all the properties that wool has – they draw moisture away from the head and out to the outside of the louse where the moisture evaporates. Even though the hatch becomes wet, it feels dry and comfortable, it breathes and keeps warm on the heat.

This Cap is made from 100% Linen, it keeps you cool even when its hot.