Mons Royale's Journey to Bike Apparel


While looking to experiment with fabric blends, Mons discovered that Merino wool was actually a four-season fabric. Due to the fibres of the wool being hollow it allows it to hold warm air which means that it can absorb and transport moisture away from the skin so you stay warm even when it's wet. The Wool has a fine crimped nature which means that bacteria can't stick to its fibres resulting in a fabric that refuses to smell and is ultra soft. 

After discovering that Merino was a four-season fabric, Mons decided to follow their core customers from snowboards and skis to bikes. Today, Mons has created the most comprehensive layering system for high performance bike apparel for your time on two-wheels.

New to the Mons bike range this season are the Virage and Momentum pants. Designed for any conditions and to be tough, the Virage and Momentum pants have a soft merino lining which helps to regulate temperature and allow stretch. This has lead to outstanding products that wont add any resistance, from long rides to adventures at the bike park Mons has you covered.