Deeluxe Technology - Reinforcements



  • This reinforced panel cradles the back of the boot to maximize durability and enhance response.


  • This layer of rubber wraps around the toe box and sides of the boot, maximizing durability by providing protection from rocks and ice.

Stay on Track System

  • Thanks to DEELUXE’s Stay on Track system, there’s no need to shun sidehilling. Armed with a lateral and a medial reinforcing element, it provides exceptional leverage and stability when traversing sidehills. And even when skinning in hike mode, the system can deliver tremendous control and response. It can also be connected to a highback using the touring strap that comes with many splitboard bindings. Say goodbye to all of your skintrack fears and sidehill slips with DEELUXE’s Stay on Track system.

Double Back

  • Good things are worth doubling down on—for proof, look no further than DEELUXE’s Double Back. This reinforced rubber highback at the boot’s heel zone enhances durability by offering protection from binding abrasions. It also stiffens the boot to boost response and adheres better to a binding’s highback. By improving the interface between the boot and binding, the Double Back reduces movement between them, offering greater control and precision. Don’t look back—just charge forward with DEELUXE’s Double Back.


  • You don’t need to fight crime to appreciate DEELUXE’s Sidekick. The Sidekick uses two reinforcing elements—one lateral and one medial—to maximize the transmission of power. This allows you to transition from edge to edge faster and provides a snappier ride, giving you better pop when ollieing. And by offering additional security, it reduces the likelihood of rolling your ankle.

Sidekick Pro

  • It’s time to meet your new partner in progression—DEELUXE’s Sidekick Pro. Building on the success of the Sidekick, this supercharged version uses a high-frequency welding process to fuse lateral and medial reinforcing elements to the boot’s shell. This creates an especially snappy ride that provides lightning-fast transitions from edge to edge and exceptional pop when ollieing. And by offering additional security, it reduces the likelihood of rolling your ankle. When it’s time to charge hard, the Sidekick Pro loves to throw down.

Girl Power Handles

  • Especially convenient and easy to operate, DEELUXE’s Girl Power handles are the perfect complement to the lacing systems on our women’s boots. These reinforced handles allow you to adjust a boot’s fit and performance with minimal effort.

Power Strap

  • This strap provides extra support for your shin to enhance your boot’s response.




  • The plastic backwelt features a grooved heel for rocking semiautomatic crampons.