Deeluxe Technology - Lacing & Adjustments


  • Dial in to a fast, effortless, precision fit with the BOA® Fit System, which delivers more explosive action and unparalleled accuracy. Boots with a dual zone BOA® configuration provide zonal adjustability so you can create a truly customized fit for even longer days on the hill. The BOA® Fit System is engineered with high quality, durable materials and rigorously field tested—guaranteed to perform under the toughest conditions.


  • Consider it a match made in heaven—or at least on the snow. To create a next-level fit that’s especially precise, we’ve teamed up with BOA® to develop our new L3 BOA®. This fresh design combines the advantages of our proven L3 lacing system with the signature performance of the BOA® Fit System. Thanks to this revolutionary pairing of L3 and BOA®, you can separately and precisely adjust the foot and calf area of your boot with one dial and secure the ankle and heel area with a second dial lightning fast. Powerful and precise, the L3 BOA® delivers exceptional performance without compromising comfort. Throw down in confidence with the L3 BOA®.

Traditional Lacing 

  • Traditional lacing provides a classic look and feel.


  • The L2 lacing system not only provides a quick and easy way to secure your boots, it also helps you precisely adjust two separate lacing zones—the foot and the calf. One handle and clasp close the upper part of the boot while another handle and clasp close the lower part. A pull on each handle secures your foot, allowing you to powerfully and precisely transfer energy to your board.


  • Our most advanced and versatile speed lacing system provides three different lacing zones using two clasps and two handles. One handle allows the boot to cradle your foot and calf while the other handle secures the ankle and heel. Thanks to these separate zones, the boot anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission.


  • For enhanced comfort and longer strides when skinning, this system extends the range of motion available at the rear of the boot. Simply put, it helps you get up the mountain faster—and with less effort. 


  • Make no compromises—that’s the motto of DEELUXE’s XLS Pro system. Designed to excel at hiking, skinning, and riding, it features two BOA® dials that allow you to independently adjust the upper and lower zones of the boot. This zonal fit creates both a hike and a ride mode—and ensures you can readily transition between them. When ascending, unlock the upper BOA® dial to allow your leg to move within the boot. This, combined with a flexible flap on the back, maximizes your range of motion and affords the comfort of a hiking boot. And when it’s time to ride, lock both BOA® dials for exceptional control and response. There’s no better way to get up—and get down—than DEELUXE’s XLS Pro system.