Amundsen Sports - Wool Care Information

In the wardrobe / after use:

Knitwear should be given space to rest between wears to keep the shape and remain fresh. All knits will stretch when hung. Fold your sweaters to keep the shape when you store it. When your knits are folded and stored, add cedarwood balls or lavender bags to deter moths and other vermin.

Washing your items


  • Follow the care label carefully and check if you can machine wash with gentle cycle or need to proceed with hand wash only. If handwash only, hand wash at 30’C. Do not machine wash!

If machine wash is possible:

  • Close zippers before wash
  • Wash dark colors separately
  • Wash only with wool detergent. Do not bleach
  • Do not wring


  • Stretch the garment carefully after washing to retain the shape and avoid shrinkage
  • Do not hang the garment. Dry flat


Heavy wear on the delicate wool fibers can lead to fabric pilling. To get rid of the pills, you can use an everyday razor. Traditional pill shavers can easily cause holes in clothes if they get hold of a small thread. With a razor, you avoid getting strands when removing the pills. Using a simple razor with sharp blades, simply pull it over the area with the pills and voila! Good as new. Make sure you don’t push the razor hard against the garment.


If you find a stain on your wool garment, it’s important that you remove the stain as quickly as possible to avoid anything sticking. Steer clear of the washing machine and spot treatments. Instead, hold the stain under running, lukewarm water until it disappears. Gentle for the wool, and the environment and easy for you.