How to care for Amundsen Sports down products

How to care for Amundsen Sports down products

Amundsen Sports Care Guide For Down Products

This is will tell you how to care for products such as the Downtown Jacket, Groomer Vest and Groomer Jacket.

How to wash it:

  • Read the care label (usually a gentle cycle and slow spin)
  • Make sure you brush off any dirt or mud before washing
  • Before putting your item in the wash, make sure you fasten any zippers or Velcro

How to tumble dry it:

  • Put a maximum of 2 garments in at once Tumble dry on a low heat
  • You can use drying balls / tennis balls, the drying balls will help to distribute the down evenly and maintain the loft effect.
  •  If you use drying ball you will need 2 per item Tumble dry until the item(s) is completely dry 

    You might need to do several drying cycles to get it completely dry. Between each cycle remember to shake and fluff the garment by hand to break down any clumps that might be forming. This will ensure that your garment will be fully dry and therefore keep you warmer for longer



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