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Sweet Protection - Looper MIPS Helmet - Satin White

Sweet Protection - Looper MIPS Helmet - Satin White

Sweet Protection

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From the park to the backcountry, the Looper is a all-new and progressive helmet providing performance in a clean and modern package. It might look basic, but the Looper packs a lot of power with its in-molded Impact Shields, extensive venting and audio-ready removable ear pads. The Looper offer a perfect goggle fit with integrated goggle vents to keep your goggles fog free. This model is equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain.


- Clean looks but packed with features

- In-molded impact shields distributing impacts from the inside over a larger area in crucial zones

- Lightweight

- Goggle garage for no-gap goggle integration and ventilation

- Extensive venting

- Comfortable interior, with easy turn-dial adjustment

- Listen to your favorite music with our Audio Ready system (Sound Chips are sold separately!)

- Removable earpads

- Equipped with Mips, a technology that reduces rotational forces on the brain


- Shell technology ( 2-Piece Shell Construction & EPS-Liner )

- Impact Absorption ( Integrated Impact Shields, MIPS - Multi-directional Impact Protection System & In-Mold Construction )

- Interior technology ( Comfort Interior & Fitpads )

Cleaning & Care:

In order for you to enjoy the safety of the Sweet Protection Helmet, please take some time to carefully read how you should take care of your helmet.


Before every time you use your helmet, make sure nothing is badly torn, worn or missing.

Replacement: Your helmet is made to absorb some of the potential energy of a blow. Even though damage may not be visible or apparent, it is infinitely important that any helmet having suffered from a major impact in an accident, or has received a similarly severe blow, should be replaced. An inspection of the helmet might not reveal any apparent damage, but it might be there. Sweet Protection also advise that any helmet should be replaced after approximately three years of normal use, or even sooner if exposed to long periods of sun, hard use, or any contact with chemicals. The helmet must also be replaced if it does not fit anymore.

For cleaning, use clean water (max temperature 30°C) and mild soap only. Dry naturally and not in contact with direct heat or on hot surfaces.

Avoid any applications of paint, adhesive stickers/transfers, cleaning fluids, chemicals and other solvents that may drastically reduce the protection given by this helmet.

The helmet will be damaged if exposed to temperatures exceeding 62°C (ca. 150°F). Please note that leaving the helmet in the window of your car (or similar) on a warm and sunny day, it may easily exceed this temperature. If exposed to such temperatures, the helmet must be immediately discarded and replaced.

The helmet will not perform as intended if you modify or replace any of the original elements included in the helmet. Please note that any customizing is not recommended, and that this will cancel the warranty. Sweet Protection or our distributors will not accept any responsibility for damage, injuries resulting from misuse or from a modified helmet.

For carrying the helmet, use the package supplied by Sweet Protection. After the use, the helmet must be stored unpacked in a cool, dry, dark place away from heat sources, frost, high humidity, corrosive substances or other possible causes of damage. During transportation avoid that any sharp object damages it by falling from above. After buying the helmet keep the packaging, it will be used for carrying it or in presence of some defects for the warranty validity at the shop where you bought it.

Accessories and spare parts: Accessories and/or replacement parts are available in the Sweet Protection’s catalogue. Use only original accessories supplied by Sweet Protection.

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