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      Db Benjamin Ortega 3.0 - Do Better

      Db Benjamin Ortega 3.0 - Do Better
      The Do Better Project

      If someone told you that in order to Do Better you had to unpick everything you know and love, and rebuild it using only reclaimed and recycled materials, would you do it? 

      Well, we did. For the third and final installment of Db x Benjamin Ortega we wanted a collection that would pave the way for the future of our industry. How? By lowering our carbon emissions by over 30%. Using the HIGG index we meticulously comb through every compound of the bags in this collection and sourced recycled fabric, trims, stitching and dye, to reduce our footprint where possible. 

      We’ve designed data you can wear, opened the dialogue around sustainability and ultimately, changed the path of our business for good.


      We’ve addressed every piece of every product in this collection, asking ourselves - how does this affect our planet? And How can we lessen that affect? The design team have picked apart the sketches they spent ten years perfecting, and put them back together with better alternatives - totalling over 170 revisions. 

      Not only are we challenging ourselves, but the fashion industry as a whole. By publishing our bill of materials for each product, we’re throwing down the gauntlet and hoping other major players will do the same.

      You wouldn’t buy a diamond without knowing its carat or clarity - so why buy a sustainable bag without knowing it’s metrics? We needed you guys to see the data we’d pulled, because we needed this project to be transparent, but something told us a spreadsheet wasn’t going to cut it.

      Benni and the Db team collaborated with Dany Wang, a Paris based graphic designer. We tasked him with bringing the sexiness of a perfectly-formatted spreadsheet into the collection. Dany helped us to design data you could wear - a symbol of progress strapped to your back (literally). The result hit right; proving to us that Doing Better can also create an edge that feels desirable.

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