How to care for Amundsen Sports Wool Products

How to care for Amundsen Sports Wool Products

Amundsen Sports Care Guide For Wool Products

This is will tell you how to care for products such as the Hoodies and Sweaters.

Wool has a natural resistance to the growth of micro-organisms and odors, so you can use wool garments for several days without having issues with smell. The reason for this is a combination of two things: wool fibers absorb moisture and they have a negatively charged, scaly surface. Bacteria, which lead to bad smells, thrive best on smooth, positively charged surfaces – such as those synthetic fibers have. Therefore, you may not need to wash wool in the machine after use. Instead, try hanging it outside in the open air and let it clean itself.

How to wash:

  • Read the care label carefully
  • Check if you can machine wash on a gentle cycle or if it needs to be hand washed only!
  • If it is hand wash only it must be done at 30 degrees 
  • Close zippers before wash
  • Wash the dark colours separately 
  • Wash only with wool detergent

Stain treatment for wool garments:

  • If you find a stain it is important to remove it as quickly as possible to avoid anything sticking
  • Try to avoid the washing machine and spot treatments
  • Hold the stain under lukewarm running water until it disappears

How to dry:

  • Stretch the garment carefully after washing to retain the shape and avoid shrinkage
  • Do not hang the garment 

Storage notes:

  • Do not hang knitted garments
  • All knits will stretch when hung
  • Fold your sweaters to keep the shape when you store it

Removal of fabric pilling:

  • Heavy wear can cause fabric pilling
  • To get rid of the pilling you can use and everyday razor
  • Traditional pill shavers can easily cause holes
  • With a razor you avoid getting strands when removing the pills
  • Make sure you don't push the razor hard against the garment




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